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Things to Do in Castle Donington

Posted: 19th April 2024

Teetering on the banks of the River Trent, Castle Donington is a pretty market town on the edge of the National Forest. From thrilling motorsports at the world-famous Donington Park and colourful music festivals to tranquil gardens and historic landmarks, there is an abundance of things to do in Castle Donington.

1. Download Festival (14th - 16th June)

Starting the summer with a bang, the Download Festival showcases the best of rock and metal music and takes place each year in the grounds of Donington Park. With a history dating back to 2003, this three-day extravaganza attracts rock and metal fans from around the world. Renowned bands grace the stages, creating an electrifying atmosphere that resonates with the true spirit of rock. From established artists to emerging talent, the Download Festival is one of the best things to do in Castle Donington (link to things to do in Castle Donington blog) for music lovers.

2. Track Days (Throughout the year)

Donington Park track days are suitable for both amateur and professional drivers. These events give you the opportunity to experience the thrill of driving on a world-class race circuit. From high-performance cars to motorcycles, track days let you test your skills and push your vehicles to the limit in a safe and controlled environment. With experienced instructors on hand, you can improve your driving technique and fulfil the need for speed.

3. Supercar Driving Experience (Throughout the year)

For those with a passion for supercars, Donington Park offers thrilling driving experiences. This allows you to get behind the wheel of some of the most prestigious cars in the world. With expert guidance, you’ll feel the raw power and exceptional handling of these powerful machines. Whether it's a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Aston Martin, the supercar driving experience at Donington Park promises an adrenaline rush like no other.

5. Historic Car Festival (May 4th - 5th)

Celebrating the golden era of motorsports, the Historic Car Festival at Donington Park is a testament to the timeless charm of vintage vehicles. Classic cars from past decades take to the racetrack, where you can marvel at the beauty and craftsmanship of these automotive treasures. From elegant sports cars to iconic racing legends, the event lets you experience history on wheels.

6. British Superbike Championship (May 17th - 19th)

For adrenaline junkies, the British Superbike Championship at Donington Park is a thrilling event not to be missed. Top teams and riders compete for glory as they navigate the challenging circuit, testing their mettle and pushing themselves to the limit. With hair-raising overtakes and heart-stopping speeds, this championship is a high-octane event.

7. Vintage Motorsport Festival (July 7th)

The Vintage Motorsport Festival at Donington Park is a celebration of classic racing. Historic racing cars, motorcycles and sidecar outfits compete in track action, reminiscent of a pioneering period in motorsport. You’ll be transported back in time as these vintage machines, some more than 100 years old, take to the track once again.

To see a complete list of Donington Park events and for more information about the motorsport circuit, visit their website.

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